Sunday, March 7, 2010

Silver inside

This afternoon I started with the rear lights. I took the lights apart, but kept them attached to the trailer. To remove the cast aluminum assemblies you must remove the interior skin to get to the blind rivits. To prep the aluminum I just sanded them with 150 grit and cleaned them out. On one side I just pulled the cans out and tried my best to paint around them. On the other side I cut the wires and it was much easier to paint. Not sure if it was worth it because it took me a long time just to re-attach the wires. I have new gaskets and new red monarch lenses. I also have a red reflector that is on the side. The only light that is not new is the small rectangle marker lights. They are no longer manufactured and I could not buy a new one. On the inside I decided to try and paint the front tambour cabinets that are in the endcap. I took that assembly completely apart and sprayed it with a silver paint. It matches the window screens pretty good and I think it lookds pretty good. I also started to re-install the window screens and all the outlet covers.

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